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Edition 2022 Canceled

Florence, 20 February 2022

Hello everyone.

In these early stages of 2022 Covid seems to be loosening its grip and we can only hope that the state of emergency ends as soon as possible.

We avoided opening registration until the end, running the risk of having to reimburse or postpone the race fees, because we were not sure we would be able to organise the race. EcoTrail Florence is part of an international circuit of races that take place in various European capitals, as well as in Oman and Thailand. The aim of the event is to showcase the marvels of Florence and its hills to participants who come from beyond Florence and abroad and to facilitate spending a few days of holiday in our area. Unfortunately, given the restrictions tied to anti-Covid legislation, it has been difficult to plan a trip in recent months and many people have shown a certain reluctance to travel to participate in a sporting event without being able to fully enjoy the holiday. On top of this, locally it has been difficult to find suitable structures to host an event of this type and to find collaborators for the event as most Associations are still busy with the Covid emergency.

Due to these issues impeding the attainment of minimum quality standards, the Organizing Committee has reluctantly decided to cancel the 2022 edition as it does not have the necessary strength to carry out an event that requires a considerable amount of work, commitment and time.

Warm greetings to you all.